Brushing Off the Dust

Hello, dusty old blog. Long time no write.

Maybe that’s because life became much, much busier than when I was writing on you when I wasn’t married and didn’t have kids. It was so much easier to find time to transcribe my thoughts to written words back then.

I don’t miss it much. I still write, but much more in private, and now I have a special person to share all my daily thoughts and musings with.

Every chilly fall day that comes brings with it a yearning to write again, though. Something about the urgency in the air and the magic of windy fall days — perhaps, it’s waking up to find there are snowcaps on the mountains. Like magic, I find myself sitting at a table, with a pen in my hand, writing short stories. Wait… how did this happen? Magic, as I said.

Every fall, I also read Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes. I’m going on my fifth year of reading it again. It doesn’t get old. If you have a penchant for deliciously scary stories, filled with witches, magic, and cold October days, I recommend reading this book. There is no room for disappointing writing with Ray Bradbury. He was a master at his craft.

This October, I am also returning to my childhood turf, filled with memories and nostalgia. I love where I live now, it is wild enough for my liking! But I find myself remembering the fall oak leaves and rainy stormy days of fall in the Sierra Nevadas. I am glad to go back and revel in that nostalgia.

I’m flying out to California to see my sister and her new son, too. I already had a trip planned for later this month, but due to some scary circumstances, I am flying out sooner rather than planned. That story will be told soon.

I will also try and share the short story I wrote, too. After writing once again, I always wonder why I don’t do it more often. Creative writing is satisfying in a way that can’t be fulfilled by anything other than simply writing. It’s an itch that if you don’t scratch it will nag the back of your mind for months.

So, here’s to fall, and all the longing and creativity it fills us with. Take pleasure in the enchantment of pumpkins and dying leaves, wood fires and cold hands. Fall will only last for a brief moment before she bows to King Winter.

Coram Deo!


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