Arriving Home

Yesterday went well, considering I was flying with alone with a two year old and a five month old. There were no major meltdowns, just a few close calls, even on my part. My connection time to Sacramento was a mere 41 minutes (bearing in mind that I was juggling taking care of two little girls), and when I had located my gate, changed diapers, given Roo her snack, and sat down on the one spare seat at my gate to nurse a screaming Sofia, they started boarding. It wasn’t a happy Mommy moment. But we managed to make it here in one piece, all the same!

Sarah will be released from the hospital tomorrow, Lord willing, after everything checks out all right. Recovering completely from eclamptic seizures, on top of recovering from a cesarean, ON TOP of recovering from already going through 24 hours of labor is going to be slow and hard — I am so thankful for my family — on down to 11 year old William who is GREAT with entertaining and helping little toddler. Everyone is showing their love for Sarah in very real ways. Athanasius will not lack for anybody to hold him! I’m grateful for the blessings of church family and friends who are also jumping in and offering their help in any way possible.

Bekah and Dylan also drove down to help out with Sarah and Athanasisus, as well as just taking care of daily home duties here while Mom and Dad have been so busy at the hospital. So Roo has her buddy Dubbers to play with for a while, and Ellie has miles and miles of carpet to crawl across. They’re all learning to sleep in a room together, which has been an interesting experience… “sleeping” might not be the word for it.

Life is abuzz with business. Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners are constantly being prepared for people of all ages and diets. Entertaining toddlers and babies is a non-stop job, as well as making sure all the little people take naps, and get diaper changes and baths. I end up realizing halfway through the morning that I need to eat breakfast, too! Coffee is always first thing, food is secondary.

We’re all feeling much better about Sarah and Athanasius’ situation, we just want to get them home so it’s easier on everybody to help take care of them, and get Sarah into full-time recovery mode. Hospitals are a hard place to do that because even with the best of care, they just aren’t home, and there is something about being at home that contributes mentally to the healing process.

More updates will come. For now, I need to go take care of more children, and make sure dinner gets to the table before 9 in the evening! 😉

Coram Deo,


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