Sleep, Sleep!



Two year olds are fascinating to listen to. When you can interpret what they are saying. Of course, they get fixated on certain words, and then their conversations are comprised of 4-5 different words. Which they use for everything.

My conversation with Kristina this afternoon occurred while we were lying together in mommy and daddy’s bed, trying to rest for a few minutes while smallest one was napping in her room.

Roo, “Mommy, sleep, sleep!”

Mommy, “Yes, Roo, we are trying to sleep.”

Roo decides to stand up and start bouncing on the bed. 

Mommy, “No no, Roo, you need to lay back down.”

Roo flops down with her blankie. “Sleep, sleep, pillow.” This excites her, and she flails her arms while lying face down on the pillow. Mommy tries to avoid getting hit in the head.

Roo giggles. “Sleeping on the bed, Mommy. Nap! Daddy?”

Mommy, “Yes, Roo, we are napping on the bed. Close your eyes and go to sleep. Daddy’s not here right now.

Roo half squints her eyes, then spies the flower patterned curtains hanging behind the headboard.

“Flowers, sleep, sleep!” She is excited and proud of herself for identifying the flowers.

“Yes, flowers, aren’t they pretty?” 

“Hi! Pretty, flowers!” 

Mommy encourages Roo to lay back down and close her eyes again in a futile attempt to get a couple minutes of rest. Then the kitty jumps on the bed. Roo promptly throws her blankie on the cate and lies on top of her. 

“No, Roo! Get off the cat!” Mommy rescues the kitty, and throws the indignant kitty off the bed.

“Sleep, sleep!” 

Well, we tried.

Coram Deo,



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