Last Minute Thoughts


Thanksgiving is almost here. As if you didn’t already know that fact. Most of you are probably traveling, or hunkering down in your warm houses against the cold outside to celebrate in the light of candles and the love of family. Boy, that sounded sappy.

I have the Thanksgiving jitters right now. I always feel this way before a major holiday. Especially if I am contributing to the dinner menu, which I am this year. It’s not that I’m not a competent cook, on the contrary, I am an excellent cook (sheesh, now I’m sounding arrogant), I just pause for two seconds in this rushed week, and try and take in the picture as a whole, and it makes me feel restless, jittery, and joyful, all at the same time. It’s a feeling akin to drinking a large cup of coffee on an empty stomach. These days, ordinary and holy during this gradual ascent into Christmas season remind me so much of my own frailty. These days remind me that they are fleeting beyond belief.

The now and the not yet are in constant revolution in our lives. One doesn’t stop so the other can catch up. Which is why during holidays especially, we are drawn in the now to be reflective over what has, is, and will be to come. We are living lives in the now that will reflect our lives in the not yet. Holy feasts, feasts beyond compare, will be held in the not yet, but we are commanded to mimic them in the now. Of course, the most important reminder feast and sacrament that we are commanded to observe is communion, (all other feasts are up to personal preference, and we are NOT to judge other people if they observe them or not). That feast, communion, fully combines the was, is, and is to come in our lives through JESUS, and puts all other feasts into perspective.

If you are living your life completely focused on the was, it’s time to stop. If you are living your life completely focused on the now, cease and desist. And if you are living life always looking for the to come, you need to look around you again. Try as much as you can to live life focused on all three, and you will be doing better than most people.

Try and have a Happy Thanksgiving, and a joyful start to your Christmas season.

Coram Deo!



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