My Photographic Passion

I have been a photographer for several years now, and always spent my spare time trying to capture moments with my camera. But I’ve gone through a dry spell with my photography for the last couple years after having to sell off some of my camera equipment to make some cash, and I’ve really, really missed having the ability to fulfill my desire to be creative and artistic with a camera in hand.

But now I am going to be getting a new camera and lenses, and I am excited about making up for all the photographic moments I missed. I have a rather bad memory, so photographs help me to connect and remember events with better clarity. I am looking forward to posting many new photos of my sweet ones when I get my camera in the next few weeks.

I was running through some of my old photos this evening, and found a couple dozen of my favorite people photos to share — I love nature photography, but the ability to accurately present human emotion in a photograph is appealing and intriguing to me. Human bodies, with their varied expressions and movements, will never cease to be a wonder to me to capture on camera. One of my long term dreams is to become a  photojournalist, and travel to a wide range of countries with Kyle. He can find all his historical/military memorabilia in dusty attics and barns, and I’ll be right there photographing and writing about local events and people. 🙂 We’re going to make that happen, hopefully soon.

Anyway, enjoy some of these portraits and captured moments of joy, silliness, beauty, and love:


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