Slowly Adjusting

With the weather being warm then cold then warm then cold, we’re all adjusting slowly to this gawky, shy spring weather in California.

Speaking of adjusting slowly, Kristina is slowly warming up to her Granny, Grandpa, uncles and aunt her, and I’ve been adjusting to this new normal and figuring out my daily schedule with the girls.

Ah, change. I could get all philosophic here, but who’s got time for that? 😉 Well, maybe I’ll indulge just a little. Suffice to say that life is full of changes — some of them happen slowly, some of them happen literally overnight; but it is crucial to surviving this life all in one piece, and staying sane at that, to learn how to deal with these changes. Or should I say, to learn to deal with these providences from the hand of God. Not in a fatalistic way. Not in a passive way. Not every change, if embraced in a fatalistic way is ultimately for the better. But every change, if we learn how to handle it in ways that strengthens the surety of our salvation in Jesus Christ, is ultimately for the good. Change should also build up our sense of self, and help us promote balance and steadfastness in our emotions and actions, to briefly summarize a very extensive topic. 🙂

God is constantly growing and stretching us to see His benefits and blessings in ALL circumstances, not just the ones we choose for ourself. Sometimes change sucks (okay, a lot of the times it sucks) and I yearn for what I had before, and struggle against what I’m being pushed into, especially when I lose actual physical comforts and relationships along the way. It’s hard to comfort those who are hurting by simply telling them “buck up! Everything comes from God!” Life changes, especially traumatic ones, can be hard to accept, and the weeping need to actually take the time to weep, not be told to shut up and stop crying. God cares about our physical possessions. God cares about our relationships. God cares about our suffering and hurt. But ultimately, God cares most about growing us and sanctifying us in loving ways, even if it is sometimes in hard ways. He’s ever patient. Ever listening. Ever caring about our lives, and we should never forget or downplay that.

In the end, life is too short to be spent forever bemoaning the changes and losses that have come our way. Weep for a while, but don’t become stagnant in your grief and suffering. The days are fleeting and the world is FULL of people, places, and God’s good gifts that He intends for us to enjoy. Keep moving forward in living life, too, even if you are enduring the hard days of change.


Where Have I Been?

Where have I been?

I’ve been:

  • Taking care of two little girls with colds.
  • Cooking dinners for 10 people.
  • Coordinating constant naps between two little cranky people.
  • Talking on the phone with my husband who I miss very, very, very much. I can’t wait to see him soon.
  • Talking on the phone with my sister who I miss very, very, very much. I can’t wait to see her soon!
  • Helping organize and categorize kitchen equipment and dishes in my parent’s new kitchen.
  • Taking some serious time to relax and unwind every day by going on long walks outside, reading fun books, listening to music, and enjoying delectable dinners and drink.
  • Watching movies with my brothers and sisters. We went and saw Divergent last Sunday evening (it was so-so), and I’ve been watching middle of the season Doctor Who episodes with Will — I need to start from the beginning with that show!
  • Folding laundry, washing dishes, and petting the neglected outdoor kitty.

Ha… quite the list. Life, when you actually live it, oftentimes keeps one too busy to write meaningless blog posts. I only wrote this one because I have an hour to spare this Sunday morning.


Sunshine and My Girls

Finally, I had a few pictures taken with my girls! I almost never get the chance to have my photo taken with them, so thanks, Joseph! We are enjoying the sunny California weather, the comfortable, beautiful house and kitchen, and the green trees and grass around the property. I like wearing sleeveless tops again, Kristina likes all the crayons and paper to color, the books, and the movies, and Sofia loves the miles of carpet and floor to crawl across. It makes me happy to be relaxing with them, and talk and visit with my family in person.

Wake Me Up


When the babies sleep, I am awake.

I have a toddler.

I also have a wannabe toddler. That’s a lovely age for babies to be. They’re too little to walk. Big enough to crawl. Big enough to stand. Uncoordinated enough to keep falling over. Big enough to eat solid food. Still babyish enough to want milk. But she stopped nursing weeks ago. Teething. Yet never seeming to get her teeth.

All of the above makes for exhausting days, and sometimes long nights when Fifi just.won’ Shoot me, just shoot me now… I don’t want to get up for the 8th time at 3 in the morning.

Most mothers like to sleep when their babies sleep. But, some moms, like me, like to get in a little alone time. Time to read an article or two uninterrupted. Time to watch videos on YouTube. Time to Facebook.

So, after half hours stacked up upon half hours of trying to fall asleep, halfway succeeding, only to be woken back up by unhappy cries of grumpiness from Miss Poot Pants, now that she is finally asleep, my brain was wired to NOT fall asleep.

Coffee made, computer open, headphones in, children sleeping, cat kicked out. It’s time to relax for a while. Thank you, Lord.

And, I thought I would share some of the awesome, informative, thoughtful articles I’ve been reading this morning; here ya go:

Why I Won’t Give Sugar Up For Lent

Some people give up sweets for Lent. Others give up coffee, pop, or caffeine in its entirety. Huffington Post suggested fried food, cigars, or devices.

I can’t help this nagging feeling that something about this is all a little off. If I give up something I enjoy in order to remind myself of Jesus, and then I start wanting that thing but can’t have it because I’m remembering Jesus, I’m going to get cranky. And if I’m cranky, I’ll start associating semi-bitter or negative feelings with Easter.

That seems a little, well, backwards.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m not strong enough to work past the unhappy feelings I think I’d have if I gave up something I really enjoyed. Weak character? Faulty theology? Blatant misunderstanding? All very possible.

But if Lent truly is a season “to rid ourselves of all that prevents us from living a truly Christian life”, I have to wonder how far giving up little luxuries like sugar and meat and cigars is going to go.

This year, I want to try something different. This year, I’m giving up anger for Lent.

 Wife After Baby: A Husband’s Guide: Sleep deprivation will play a small part in your Wife’s temporary insanity.  In the first few months, you may witness a number of breakdowns, meltdowns and shutdowns and realistically, the Wife you knew may be gone, along with her personality and sense of humour for around twelve months.  Sometimes less.  Sometimes more.  She may (almost definitely will) also be suffering fromDMF.

Infrared Photography In Yellowstone National Park

A Breakup Letter to Matt Walsh:

Dear Matt Walsh,

It’s not you. It’s me.

Or was it the other way around? Yeah, that. It’s totally you.

Sorry. I was confused.

Do you remember when we first met? It was back in August, just after the VMAs. You had just writtenthis piece, angrily dismissing Miley Cyrus and the vacuous pop culture she represents. I found your acerbic wit and brutal honesty refreshing. I was impressed by how efficiently you disposed of worthless culture.

But then I came to realize that you do that to everyone.

Enjoy reading!


Toddler Anthem

Toddler Anthem

She is toddler

Hear her ROAR!

Pots and pans

Bang on floor

Blankie trailing

Piling toys

Opening cupboards

Nonstop noise

Wheels turning

Busy hands

Shaking, dancing

To invisible bands

Swilling water

Eyes grow wide

Syllables abound

R’s let slide

Eyes are rubbing

Grumpy sounds

Jammies zipped

Toothbrush found

Head on pillow

Books clutched tight

Drooling, dreaming

Down for the night

Light switch off

Close the door

She is toddler

Hear her snore.