Slowly Adjusting

With the weather being warm then cold then warm then cold, we’re all adjusting slowly to this gawky, shy spring weather in California.

Speaking of adjusting slowly, Kristina is slowly warming up to her Granny, Grandpa, uncles and aunt her, and I’ve been adjusting to this new normal and figuring out my daily schedule with the girls.

Ah, change. I could get all philosophic here, but who’s got time for that? 😉 Well, maybe I’ll indulge just a little. Suffice to say that life is full of changes — some of them happen slowly, some of them happen literally overnight; but it is crucial to surviving this life all in one piece, and staying sane at that, to learn how to deal with these changes. Or should I say, to learn to deal with these providences from the hand of God. Not in a fatalistic way. Not in a passive way. Not every change, if embraced in a fatalistic way is ultimately for the better. But every change, if we learn how to handle it in ways that strengthens the surety of our salvation in Jesus Christ, is ultimately for the good. Change should also build up our sense of self, and help us promote balance and steadfastness in our emotions and actions, to briefly summarize a very extensive topic. 🙂

God is constantly growing and stretching us to see His benefits and blessings in ALL circumstances, not just the ones we choose for ourself. Sometimes change sucks (okay, a lot of the times it sucks) and I yearn for what I had before, and struggle against what I’m being pushed into, especially when I lose actual physical comforts and relationships along the way. It’s hard to comfort those who are hurting by simply telling them “buck up! Everything comes from God!” Life changes, especially traumatic ones, can be hard to accept, and the weeping need to actually take the time to weep, not be told to shut up and stop crying. God cares about our physical possessions. God cares about our relationships. God cares about our suffering and hurt. But ultimately, God cares most about growing us and sanctifying us in loving ways, even if it is sometimes in hard ways. He’s ever patient. Ever listening. Ever caring about our lives, and we should never forget or downplay that.

In the end, life is too short to be spent forever bemoaning the changes and losses that have come our way. Weep for a while, but don’t become stagnant in your grief and suffering. The days are fleeting and the world is FULL of people, places, and God’s good gifts that He intends for us to enjoy. Keep moving forward in living life, too, even if you are enduring the hard days of change.


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