Maroon 5 Crush

1374017897000-Levine-close-1307161939_4_3 Confession: I have had a crush on Maroon 5 for over 5 years now. Adam Levine’s voice is so smooth — I love how he can have an almost jazzy quality to it then switch it up to pop and head voice so quickly. And whoever composes most of their melodies is a genius. Maroon 5 doesn’t give into the temptation make most of their songs monotone with a heavy pulsing beat as do a lot of other pop artists. Maroon 5’s songs oftentimes do have a driving beat but it’s weird how they almost work it in as part of the melody. Pop/ballad/jazz/electric — they somehow manage to combine it all. Okay, since I sound like an idiot trying to dissect the musical technicalities of Maroon 5, I’ll shut up. Most of the time I just “listen” to my intuition when it comes to music. maroon-5-54840082 Maroon 5 is known for their darker lyrics, usually about romance and boyfriend/girlfriend breakups, longing, and disappointed love. They do have more adult lyrics, so… don’t go listen to Elvis, Frankie, or the Beatles or Beach Boys then tell me you disapprove of me listening to Maroon 5. My personal favorites from older albums like Songs About Jane are:

  • Harder To Breate
  • She Will Be Loved

Then we’ve got their newer stuff like Misery, Moves Like Jagger, Payphone, One More Night. Their most recent album release “V” takes their feel back to the older band days of Songs About Jane. Some of my personal favorites from their newest album are:

  • Maps
  • It Was Always You
  • Leaving California
  • Shoot Love

and my all-time favorite right now:

  • Lost Stars.

Well, I’ll end this post by letting you listen to Lost Stars on your own. Here ya go.