Catch 22

Sarah is still not quite ready to come home. Her blood pressure needs to come down more before the doctors feel comfortable with releasing her. Eclampsia seizures or even a stroke can sometimes occur, even after the baby is born, so they are making darn sure that she is going to be on the road to recovery with lowered blood pressure and improved cognitive ability before they give her the green light to go home.

It’s a bit of a Catch 22, however, since Sarah is a homebody who doesn’t like being at the hospital. Not that the staff hasn’t been helpful and caring with her, she just misses the familiarity of her home, and family around her — tonic clonic seizures will almost always cause some memory loss, as well, so she feels disoriented about not being able to fill in the gaps. All she remembers is that the ambulance transported her to the hospital, and then she woke up in a hospital room without Athanasius. It’s hard to feel secure when you are wake up after being in labor, and you don’t have your baby, and you are surrounded by strange people!

Anyway, it is stressful on Sarah being stuck in a hospital room 24/7, especially while being disoriented. She is doing better now that Athanasius is with her. But she still wants to come home right now, but can’t until her blood pressure comes down. At the same time, her blood pressure is still high because she is stressed about not being home! It’s a Catch 22.

So, dear friends, be praying for her BP to lower so that she will be released and come back where we can take care of her more easily, and she will continue to get the rest that she needs… It will be a major blessing to have that happen. She needs lots of assistance with nursing and taking care of Athanasius, too, and it’s hard on Steve being the only one to help with that all night long. I’m sure I’ll be on night duty to help with getting Athanasius up and changed, and put back down — it’ll be like having a newborn myself again! 😉 But it will be so much better than Sarah attempting to do all those things in the hospital room alone.

Coram Deo!